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New Wedding Trend: Stealth Proposals!

Do you want to get in on the newest craze in weddings and engagements? Prestige Photo now offers Stealth Proposals! What is it, you ask? Contact Prestige Photo to capture the very moment you pop the question. Bang! A memory that even you won't even remember because you had so many butterflies!

Tell me the date, time and location. I'll be close by, acting like a tourist then, on a prearranged signal, you pounce! She thought that this was a romantic getaway, but oh, was she wrong! This is one of the most important memories of her life!

Being the thoughtful, conscientious husband-to-be that you are, you arranged to have Prestige Photo right there when it happened!

Don't let this memory slip away, have it captured forever!

Contact Prestige Photo now to book your Stealth Proposal Shoot!

Jeff / Prestige Photo, Niagara Wedding Photographer


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